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Holistic + Somatically-Centered Approach

Blending Core Energetics and Co-Active (Life) Coaching, I create individualized bodymind sessions, experiential workshops, half-day retreats and 4-week programs. These services are designed to support your unique needs for personal growth + development by focusing on embodiment, empowered choice, and forward momentum. I am here for your continued learning + evolutionary process...every step of the way!

Through an integrated approach of creative exploration and movement, we explored various topics that Kerry so gracefully pulled into one clear focus. She has an intuitive ability to offer you just what your body and mind needs to open up to the process and move through it.  I felt empowered with a new sense of clarity after my session!



What is Core Energetics? 

It is a body-centered personal growth and spiritual development methodology. Using a dynamic and experiential process, I will guide you through touch, movement or other physical exercises to open areas of blocked energy allowing for full and organic movement of your life force. As a result, your energy and consciousness will shift on all five levels: physical, emotional, mental, will and spirit. Using this work to open, balance and restore your system's energetic integrity and support the flow of connection between the five levels, you will leave feeling more aligned + integrated. This somatically-centered approach will support you with grounding, healing and evolving. For more information visit

What are the benefits?

~Reclaim your truest essence of love, freedom, joy, clarity and purpose at a feltsense level.

~Live with greater consciousness for intentionality and have a deeper experience of your truth.

~Begin to let go of embedded defensive patterns that are no longer serving you.

~Experience a shift in how you interact with yourself, others and the world.

~Gain a clearer understanding of why you do what you do and have the power to choose differently.

~Experience greater authenticity, groundedness, personal power and open-hearted living.​

What is Co-Active (Life) Coaching? 

A partnership that balances the discovery of who we are (the being and the becoming) and what we want to do in this life (the doing).  Working together, I will guide you through a thought-provoking and creative process that explores your fulfillment and aliveness, enmeshed perspectives that may be holding you back, and how you hold yourself through the process. This holistic approach believes clients are naturally creative, resourceful and whole and depends upon a shared feedback system between coach and client to move the process forward. Using active listening skills, curiosity and refined intuition, I will work to evoke your transformation with the intention of inspiring you to maximize your potential.

For more information visit

What are the benefits?


~Find out what brings you alive and how you can step into your life with more intentionality.

~Dive into powerful inquiries with beginner's mind and use them to support your growth.

~Gain clarity about where you are headed and how you can live into who you are becoming.

~Feel successful and empowered by being held accountable.

Working with Kerry has been truly life changing! I always leave my sessions feeling proud of myself and lighter than when I walked in. Her deep knowledge of the mind-body connection has helped so much in relieving tension in my body that I didn’t even know I was holding on to! Life has continued to throw some curve balls, but I have tackled them with much more ease and confidence than I would have before our work together.



If you are in a growth moment, you don't need to do it alone.

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