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My Mission

To support you through a dynamic, transformational and evolutionary personal growth process that creates

empowered choice,

heartfelt connection and embodied vitality.  

Hi! I'm Kerry.

As a kid, I was very aware of two things: my emotions and my body. Often sensing the spontaneous impulse to move my body, I had always felt calmer, physically grounded, and mentally sharper, when I had. Little did I know, that as an adult I would be facilitating somatic exercises (therapeutic work that encourages physical movement while simultaneously focusing on expanding your internal awareness) with others.


As I got older, I often found myself attracted to the Self-Help/New Age section of the Barnes & Noble Bookstore, reading collections from Iyanla Vanzant, Louise Hay, Dr. John Gray, Karen Casey, Dr. Wayne Dyer, among other inspiring teachers. These teachers along with a psychotherapist sparked my interest in spirituality, healing and co-active (life) coaching; these were aspects that would fuel the work I do today.

In later years, I found myself practicing Hatha Yoga with Rodney Yee on DVDs and Kundalini Yoga at a local studio.  I became more and more interested in the healing power of yoga and pursued Baptiste Power Yoga trainings as well as Hatha & Vinyasa trainings; at this point, I was starting to feel the power of embodiment. 

Nature Reserve

My Vision

For you to embody the true essence of who you really are at your CORE (center of right energy) and help you to express it into the world with clarity and joy.

It was after yoga training that I committed to furthering my traditional education in healing modalities and enrolled in a Holistic Counseling graduate program. Since then, I have completed post-graduate clinical work and continue to expand my skillset. I recently completed a four year training in Core Energetics, which is a somatic-based modality, encompassing the energetic, emotional, spiritual, mental and physical aspects of personal growth + development; all of my interests wrapped into one modality! 

Today, I integrate all of my experiences and offer bodymind interventions to help others who might also be on a healing journey. When we work together, I will hold your life’s story with tenderness, be someone who sees your potential even when you don’t and set a continuous intention to be a supportive guide along your path of self-discovery. So, if you are feeling curious about what this might look and feel like, reach out for a Discovery Session by clicking on the button below!




And, if you are someone who likes to see a listing of credentials, here they are…

  • Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) through the Co-Active Training Institute, an International Coaching Federation accredited institution;

  • Certified Core Energetics Practitioner (CCEP) through the New York Institute of Core Energetics;

  • Master’s Degree and a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies in Holistic Counseling from Salve Regina University;

  • completion of selected courses from the Creative + Expressive Arts Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies from Salve Regina University; and,

  • Registered Yoga Teacher with the Yoga Alliance 

As a mental health counselor, I was awed how through direction, observation, and gentle questioning, she was able to see things that were not in my consciousness.


Sunrise on Nature
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