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Holistic Therapeutic Coaching

This service offers consciousness, embodiment and coaching practices to create personal freedom, intimacy and empowerment. Sessions provide clarity, connection and alignment to your truest essence for the sake of life fulfillment and transformation.


A typical session may include aspects of attunement, space holding, intuition, topic exploration, powerful inquiries, physical movement, emotional and energetic release, and higherself wisdom integration. All cognitive, physical, expressive and relational interventions are adapated to your individual needs.


Gain insight into what is subconsciously driving you, have the ability to choose differently and co-create your present moment based on the true desires of your heart and spirit. See tangible results with deeper, more intimate relationships; accessing your creativity, inspiration and gifts; connecting to your purpose; and, living into the courage to step forward with aliveness.   


If you are experiencing stress, anxiety, overwhelm, inertia, self-sabotage, frustration, or simply going through one of many life transitions or challenges, Holistic Therapeutic Coaching is here to support you.

A 20-minute Discovery Session starts this process of unearthing your unique desires + goals and then we jump right in with 60-minute weekly or biweekly Follow-Up Sessions to ignite movement and sustain growth.  

*20 Minute Zoom Discovery Session (FREE)

*75 Minute Zoom Initial Appointment ($125)

*60 Minute Follow-Up Zoom Sessions ($100)

Forest Trees

For me, a great session is when you feel yourself break open or have an aha moment of encounter with yourself—and it takes a great deal of skill and presence to hold space to help guide a person to those places with just the right amount of guidance. Kerry had that skillful presence throughout our session.


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