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Individualized Sessions

A 20-Minute Free Discovery Session starts this process of unearthing your unique desires + goals.  We then move to a 90 minute Initial Session to set the foundation for our work together. Here we will explore where you currently are, where you want to go, who you want to be while getting there and what gets in your way.  Weekly or biweekly 60 minute Follow-Up Sessions will sustain your growth momentum, creating positive change in your life.

*90 Minute Initial Session $150

*60 Minute Follow-Up Sessions $100

Forest Trees

For me, a great session is when you feel yourself break open or have an aha moment of encounter with yourself—and it takes a great deal of skill and presence to hold space to help guide a person to those places with just the right amount of guidance. Kerry had that skillful presence throughout our session.


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