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Experiential Workshops

In these community-based 120 minute experiential workshops, you will have the chance to be impacted by others and to impact others therefore, accelerating your personal growth process. Didactic, physical + creative exercises will support your process of unfolding and discovering your true essence living it unapologetically and confidently out into the work.

*Awaken To Your Full Potential 

Discover a hidden part of you and bring it to life! Join me for a night of exploration, community, and fun! In this experiential workshop, you will explore a personal strength, embody that strength through various movements (both yogic and non-yogic exercises), journaling, and experiment with how your strength could more positively impact your life. Please bring a yoga mat and journal with you. No yoga experience required.

*How Would Your HigherSelf Manage Your Holidays? 

Feel freedom and permission this holiday season to be grounded, authentic and loving! Release the held tensions about the holidays and all it involves by moving through physical exercises designed to support the vitality, clarity + power of your life force! Please bring a yoga mat and journal with you. No yoga experience required.

Kerry held such beautiful, compassionate and open space for me to truly explore what was coming up mentally, emotionally, and physically. She was intentional in meeting me where I was while also gracefully challenging me to step outside of my comfort zone and fully honor the complexity of my experience. Her multi-modal approach utilized just the right amount of supportive listening, mindful movement, and creative expression to promote a safe space which allowed me to let go and discover a powerful breakthrough I didn’t even know I needed.


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