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Are you curious about the person you are becoming, interested in personal growth + development, finding yourself in a transition, wanting more out of life OR simply seeking support? If so, read on!

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Core Vitality is a catalyst that

can help you to...

~positively move forward in your life,

~sustain that momentum,

~feel supported throughout the process, and 

~integrate that new way of being into

your everyday life.  

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Kerry is thoughtful and compassionate. She was able to successfully guide me to make concrete decisions on how to move out of distressing and unhealthy situations.  I strongly recommend her if you need help making positive changes to your life to increase your fulfillment and happiness!


I use bodymind therapies that shift your energy and consciousness, integrating your body and mind in a deep way that frees energetic blocks and allows access to your inner truth, brilliance and healing.

Kerry has helped me immensely, and I would wholeheartedly recommend her.  She is gifted in what she does!


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As a result, clients have...

~reclaimed their personal power

~moved into their next career

~began the process of sobriety

~created more self-compassion, understanding and forgiveness

~found their voice and started living more of their truth

~geographically relocated and changed their lifestyle

~no longer carry guilt for creating boundaries

~a more consistent sense of inner peace

~less demands of others

~better relationships with their loved-ones

~decreased spiritual, mental, emotional and physical pain

~stopped punishing themselves and started loving themselves 

I was amazed at the mind and soul excavation that occurred in such a short period of time.  I feel like I was able to go to a very deep place in one session; years of therapy couldn’t get me there!  The session helped me get right to the core of what was holding me back.


Sea Shore

How does this happen?

Working together we tap into your embodied truth (your emotions, physical body, spirit and will). We go beyond the analytical brain because the answers you seek live in your BODY, not your brain! Working in this way brings profound clarity, deep knowing, healing and the freedom for you to live your magnificence into the world. 


In our very first session, memories from long ago surfaced to help me better understand my attachment to chaos as well as my overreaching sense of responsibility for everyone around me. I am able to see these core beliefs through a new lens that offers freedom and allows me to receive love, joy, fun, and so much more. I encourage anyone and everyone to make the investment in themselves and experience the same healing, transformation, and growth. 


Want to explore how this might work for you?

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The journey to Self is an important one, that sometimes requires someone else to guide us.  I would highly recommend Kerry as your guide.  She gave me space when it was needed, but all the while was guiding me.  In today’s high stress world it was a gift to take time out for myself. 


Image by Kent Pilcher
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